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The Problem – The world is changing faster than ever and we’re getting left behind

The World Economic Forum that meets in Davos tells us every year in its reports and research that the skill gap in the modern workplace is growing all the time and that $34billion [1] is needed just in the USA to upskill and reskill entire generations.

Automation, Digital Communication & Administration, ‘Robotisation’ and AI are coming fast – are we simply going to subdue ourselves to the inevitability of mass unemployment, business closures and increasing irrelevance or are we going to reposition ourselves for the incredible opportunities of this new time.


The Solution – Upskilling and Reskilling

ClickMovements will train and equip your workforce with the skill-set they need to engage effectively in this new world. We especially focus on 4 of the areas highlighted by the World Economic Forum Reports on the Future of Work 2018 & 2019.

We offer one day courses and three day retreats always with supplementary coaching to help embed the learning, habits and skills.



Workers and Leaders of the future will need…

  1. Leadership Remixed and High End Social Skills & Emotional Intelligence. New ways to lead and connect with the social skills to develop the high quality relationships required for commerce and life today.
  2. Digital Growth Skills. Refreshed skills around automation, AI, communication, administration, finance, content, learning, marketing, sales & service
  3. Problem-solving reflexes – the ability to navigate in the midst of knowledge overwhelm with a new wisdom, creativity and ideation.
  4. Workplace 2.0. Innovative ways to do work and organise productivity

ClickMovements has therefore based all our training courses and experiences on these 4 emerging upskilling areas


Why is ClickMovements one of the most innovative training agencies in the UK ?

  • – we don’t do PowerPoint 🙂 We recognise that we all learn differently, in fact only about 20% of us connect with the ‘PowerPoint and talk’ methodology so we widen our training approaches to help enable inclusion of 100% of participants
  • – we don’t do boring
  • – we don’t do alone. We realise that the best learning happens in community when we share ideas with each other in informal ways
  • – we don’t do training without supplemental coaching. So much time and money is wasted on learning & development time, we can experience a quality day but research tells us that retention can be as low as 5% twenty four hours later. Therefore we like to supplement our training with an ongoing coaching relationship to help embed the valuable learning, habits and skills.

We mix cutting edge content with all the best of the latest and most innovative teaching and learning styles. The vast majority of our students grade our courses and learning experiences as excellent

All about Steve Jones – our Senior Trainer


Steve has trained, coached, lectured and consulted in some of the most successful organisations in the UK including top retail brands, international charities, local government, large faith-based denominations, innovative social enterprises and several leading universities.

Hanging out with the Street Homeless in his city, all the way to working on his ongoing doctoral research, has helped him explore some of the key ‘learning and development’ questions of our changing times. Steve has helped CEOs, MPs, professors, directors, entrepreneurs, bishops and trustees effectively navigate the trends and currents of emerging British culture to see their lives and organisations flourish.

Steve Jones

Steve Jones

CEO | Trainer | Coach | Lecturer

Our One Day Courses and Upskilling Retreats

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“For someone wanting to increase their reach, with all the associated benefits that come from being well known and respected in your field (and wanting to achieve this as quickly as possible) this is THE service to invest in. You are almost guaranteed new B2B leads and sales.”
Nina Farr
Nina Farr – Author, Coach and Trainer
“I highly recommend working with ClickMovements – easy to work with, highly relational with an eye on the goals of increasing the size and quality of my network and ultimately bringing in more sales with the right clients.”
Rob Husband
Co-Founder of Space2Think – a Training Agency working with clients like Comic Relief, CBI, YMCA, Oxford Summer Schools

1 Day Courses

from £199 pp

This can be anywhere in the UK - whatever works best for you

1-to-1 = £499

2-3 participants = £259 pp

3-10 participants = £219 pp

10+ participants = £199 pp

3 Day Retreats

from £699 pp

3 Day Retreats in fitting surroundings.

Full Board includes…

meals & refreshments – soft and alcoholic beverages – provided

all training materials and retreat facilitators

Bespoke Packages

from £199 pp

We can also create bespoke packages to meet your learning & development needs.

Retreat discounts are also available for larger numbers