How to Increase your Sale Using a Mobile Friendly Website


How to Scale your Business with Automation. 

How to Scale your Business with Automation. 

  • Make your website 100% mobile responsive. 
  • More visibility on Google Search.
  • Get more customers through website.
  • Help to go ahead of your competitors
  • Potentially save yourself thousands $$$ 
  • Release time to do more of what you love
  • Learn about the most powerful digital tools on the planet
  • Really Live (not pretend-live) so bring your questions - locked at max of 10 attendees

5 Reasons Why You Need A Mobile-Friendly Website In 2020

  • 1
    Mobile Dependency of Customers. Statistics show that almost 50% of the website traffic is gained from mobile devices. And our majority of the population also depends upon the mobile devices for accessing anything from searching to purchasing. 
  • 2
    Google Loves to Favor Mobile Friendly Websites. Google search engine always makes accessible those websites that are having a mobile-friendly version of their website. So, always assure that you correctly match with the Google search engine ranking.
  • 3
    Keep you ahead from Competition.  A survey conducted on online market analysis, it was clear that almost 60% of commercial websites were let down by the Google search engine because of mobile-unfriendliness. By making your website mobile-friendly, you will be able to gain the top-rank of Google and stand upright from the massive competition.
  • 4
    Mobile Friendly Website enhances your Visibility on Search Engine. One of the compelling reasons for having a mobile-friendly website is that you can easily attract your audience. This is because people love to explore the site, which is easy to navigate and ranks top on the
    search engine.
  • 5
    Improves Connectivity with Consumers. a mobile-friendly site allows the users to quickly navigate to the website and find the contact address easily without making many efforts.
    Your audience only needs to click on to your website and it connects you instantly with them. This is also
    the first step in generating leads in better ways.
  • 1
    Automation is THE future of business growth. Learn how to scale using free or low cost marketing and sales automations. 
  • 2
    Do more of what you love. Less admin, no more time-consuming manual follow-up and fade-out tedious and repetitive communications and tasks.
  • 3
    Learn how to 'Scale with Automation'  A proven business system used by ambitious start-ups right up to large multi-national enterprises.
  • 4
    Revealed... the most powerful and affordable tools for the job - whatever the size of your business and budget
  • 5
    Save yourself $$$ thousands every year on expensive marketing and sales automation software
  • 6
    Discover how to set up Automations without going Crazy. These incredible software tools are great once they are up and working but setting them up can be hard work and the learning curve steep.

With Steve's help in building our HubSpot digital architecture, we grew 300% in 6 weeks making new 6-figure income in the process. 

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Clear action items and next steps; common sense suggestions; didn't overwhelm with insider-speak. Efficient.

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Steve was very friendly, incredibly knowledgeable and very easy to talk to. I found our conversation super helpful and I look forward to working with him again in the near future.

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I'm very satisfied with Steve. He was more knowledgeable than the Official CRM support. Steve answered every question I had with utmost professionalism. Highly recommended.

Jose* //  Business Owner. Madrid. Spain

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